Lloyd Lee Can Be Part Of My Entourage Anyday

Today I got to play Hollywood assistant (see selfie below).


It was AWESOME and in honor of this exciting day I figured I would say a little something about my favorite Hollywood assistant, Lloyd Lee from Entourage!


We have matching headsets!!!!!

First of all fun fact, Rex Lee who plays Lloyd was a Hollywood assistant before being on entourage.

For all of you who have not seen Entourage (why?), Lloyd is Ari Gold’s (scary agent to Vince, the lead character of the show) assistant and my favorite character (aside from Ari Gold). Partly because I aspire to be a Hollywood assistant myself and partly because he is hilarious and awesome.

So now here are five reasons why Lloyd Lee is an awesome Hollywood assistant (with pictures included!)

5. He puts up with Ari Gold. I like to think I have thick skin but if Ari Gold was yelling at me I would probably break down and cry.


4. He is on the clock 24/7. A good Hollywood assistant knows this is no 9 to 5 job.


3. Hollywood is a phone heavy industry and a good assistant has to be able to handle lots of calls and know exactly the right thing to say to each person, which Lloyd does…for the most part.


2. He has a good work ethic. Even though his family has money he does not let that effect his job. (I don’t have a good picture for this but enjoy this one of Ari and Lloyd anyways!)


1. And finally Lloyd is not afraid to go after what he wants. Most Hollywood assistants dream of being agents, producers or big wig studio execs. In Lloyds case it was an agent and he was sure to let Ari know. (The sign is suppose to say Agent not Asian…silly Ari)


And lastly I feel this basically sums up day because I kept having to pee really bad.



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